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San Diego Association of Public Safety Dispatchers

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Comm Center of the Year
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National City Police Department Communications Center
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National City Police Department
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Please describe in 500 words or less why the nominee should receive this award:
I am proudly nominating the National City PD Dispatchers for Communications Center of the Year. During 2019, this amazing team dealt with a sudden staffing decrease, losing four full time employees in six months, as well as the resignation of their manager, in a center that when fully staffed has 12 full time dispatchers. These challenges were faced head on and have generated one of the most cohesive units I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Working with two employees, occasionally three, per shift, National City PD Dispatch was able to maintain exceptional 911 service by answering 98.73% of their 911 calls in under 15 seconds. The multitasking of the dispatchers is outstanding with the primary dispatcher on occasion successfully working the radio and assisting with incoming 911 calls. In 2019, they answered 31,430 911 calls, processed 80,044 administrative calls and generated 58,677 calls for service. They are also responsible for all entries and queries, monitoring and dispatching on multiple frequencies simultaneously, and completing .2 reports in the NetRMS system for locates they receive. With vacancies comes the need for individuals to take on collateral assignments and have flexibility with their schedules. While this is always a struggle, the team recognized the importance of stepping up. The two lead dispatchers assigned to the unit had to fill a dispatcher shift in addition to handling the scheduling, time sheets, training of new employees, employee evaluations, quality assurance reviews, and keeping up the morale of the remaining staff. Other collateral duties assigned to Communications staff were Agency CLETS Coordinator and backup, new Communications Training Officers, Peer Support, Recruiting, and participating in the department mentoring program. When the manager resigned, dispatch was in the middle of their 911 upgrade to their VESTA phone system and recorder. The dispatch supervisors were coordinating a major upgrade, with no experience, while performing their daily and collateral duties. They kept the project on track the entire time making sound decisions throughout. They successfully went live on the new system in January of this year and are NextGen and Text to 911 ready. Throughout this stressful and sometimes turbulent year, the dispatchers continued to maintain a positive attitude and environment and routinely express how happy they are with the team they have built. Having lost most of their seasoned dispatchers, only two remain with more than 8 years on the job. This young and energetic team is ready to tackle anything thrown at them. They are always thinking up with new team building activities and events to keep their work home a place they enjoy coming to. For these reasons, and many others not listed, are why I believe the National City Police Department is worthy of being recognized as the Communications Center of the Year.

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National City Police Dept.